I am exited to write this post as I have entered my first ever competition since becoming a blogger/youtuber….well actually since ever! 🙂

Look fantastic have teamed up with SME Insurance to bring us all the Create The Look Competition where creators of all abilities are asked to submit a picture of their best work of hair or makeup artistry.

Unfortunately I was a bit late to the table with this one but managed to enter a picture of my first ever cut crease with the hopes of being in with a chance to win.



So after preparing this post ready for the day that the voting opens I have now found out that my entry has been taken out…

Ive done a quick vlog to show you whats happened but I’m still not quite sure myself.

Entries had to be submitted by Monday the 6th of March at 12pm. Then it said voting would be open on Tuesday at 12pm and people would be able to vote for who they wanted to win.

There where around 30/40 entries from what I could see and I could see my entry and how you would be able to vote for me once voting begins. I returned to this web page then, on Tuesday at around 12pm ready to share my entry for people to vote for me. I then see that the little clock counting down how long until voting opens has now gone back to 24 hours, meaning that voting will open on Wednesday at 12pm. (In the video i say Thursday but i meant Wednesday).

SMEInsurance also tweeted on Monday that voting would be opening tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12pm however as you can see from the vlog that even now (Wednesday at 9.30AM) It was still not open for me.

Now I need to point out that I am in no way a sore looser and in all honesty, I never win anything and was definitely not expecting to win this. I was expecting however to at least get a chance for people to see my entry and vote if they wanted to. I can understand if they had decided to let the judges pick 10 finalists and then open the voting at 12pm Wednesday for the public to vote. This is not the case however as you can see from the vlog that at 930AM Wednesday morning, when the voting wasn’t even going to be open for me yet, other contestants have got 100+ votes.

I wish the 10 finalists the best of luck and they are all brilliant and talented artists.

Unfortunately this blog post has turned out slightly different to planned but lets now get down and Dirty with the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette 🙂

Sorry about the terrible picture quality here but I had to take the picture on my phone of the computer screen as my phone screen shot did not show the day 🙂



So a very nice lady from SME Insurance contacted me in regards to this issue and has explained that 10 people were short listed and that voting opened on the Tuesday. No one knows why my picture was still showing or why it was counting down to the vote opening as I hadn’t been short listed and the voting was already open. They are working on this glitch and hopefully this will clear up the confusion.

If you haven’t voted for your winner yet then head on over to the web page and vote 🙂 GOOD LUCK EVERYONE XXX


In my opinion this is such a gorgeous and sleek looking palette. This palette is actually the first high end palette I ever got. Well since I became a Youtuber/blogger anyway 🙂

This palette does not come with a brush although that doesn’t bother me at all as I do not usually use them anyway. It is also quite a bulky palette which makes it not the most travel friendly but again that doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

I love the look of this palette and it is so me. 🙂

Urban Decay have really out done themselves when it comes to the mirror in this palette as it is so crisp and clear and a great size. It even has a little quote in the bottom right corner saying ‘MAGIC’S IN THE MAKEUP’ which I just love.

This palette has quite an interesting choice of colours as the majority of the palette is nude with a few splashes of colour as you can see on the bottom row.

There is also a good amount of shimmers in this palette as well as mattes and that all important matte black that so many of you love so much. The only colour missing really is a white but the shade ‘BLONDE’ is pretty pale and looks amazing on the brow bone/inner corner.

Having said all that thought, what about the pigmentation?

Well, as with most of Urban Decays eyeshadow palettes, the pigmentation and blend-ability of this palette are great. Whilst some of the nudes are not the most pigmented they are definitely build-able and nice and easy to blend. The pop of colour shades on the bottom row how ever are very pigmented and stand out amazingly.

The shade ‘POP’ however seems to lack in pigmentation a little. This is the first shade on the bottom row of the palette and the first shade on the top row of the swatches. This shade is very glittery and I know some of you will love it and some of you will hate it.

You can see this palette in action by watching the video at the top of this page and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for loads more 🙂

Have you got this palette? What do you think?


xoxo, IdleGirl

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