Ok, so I guess i personally have mixed opinions on this hair product, and here why..


My expectations of this product where pretty low to begin with, it is marketed as a lightener with a twist, pastel colour to it. I however, did not think that this product would do much lightening and be more of a toner, needed to be used on already very light hair. I was therefore, pleasantly surprised when it turned out to lighten my hair quite a lot.

As you can see from the pictures I do have, naturally, very dark roots and the product has brought them up to a light gingery blonde colour (with a hint of pink). In all honesty I would say its lightening power is as good as most box dyes.

When it comes to the actual colour of the product I was also pleasantly surprised, as it went a nice pastel pinky colour and I had planned on playing with some pink hair colours after reviewing this one. But lets be real, the colour my hair turned is far from the colour shown on the box, or even the colour described in the name of the dye. I must be critical in this sense as the whole point in me doing a review is to give my readers an idea of how a product will perform before they go and spend there hard earned dollars (or pounds since I myself am British and all.. ;)..) on it. Although i was pleased with the results for myself, I am sure many other users would be mortified of the idea of their lush, blond locks turning pink instead of the platinum colour shown on the box.

I myself am quite a fan of the Schwarzkopf range but after testing this product I simply must’ve it a stamp of ‘USE WITH CAUTION!’

If you are loving the pink tones I’m sporting in my hair at this moment in time then go for it, the lightening power is pretty impressive. If you are wanting a colour more like shown on the box however then you might be best looking elsewhere.

I hope you found this review helpful. Don’t forget to check out the video to go with it and give me a thumbs up 🙂

Idle Girl




img_0288 pink-hair


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