Lying on my bed watching Youtube after being in bed all day, yet again. Im just so tired. All the time. Im so sick of feeling tired and sick and not getting to live my life.

Then it happens, I’m watching one of ‘fashionmumblrs’ videos and she mentions how people have asked her about her blog and she has become so successful with it. In fact she’s even done some blog posts (something I seem to be struggling with) on this to help up coming bloggers get into it.

Finally I’m starting to feel inspired and motivated to get some work done. Im loving youtube and making videos and I am now, finally, actually managing to upload more regularly and in some form, on schedule.

Fibromyalgia has made life difficult but then the depression has always held me back, even before my latest diagnosis. But am I really going to let it win? I love making my Youtube views and if I could take blogging and Youtube to the next level and even earn an income and take it full time that would be amazing.

LIGHTBULB!!!…thats not going to happen if i wallow in my self pity and stay in bed all day is it? I guess it hit me when reading Josies blog post ‘How I Quit my 9-5 and started working for myself’. She talks about how even though she is working from home and for herself she still needs to get up early and get work done rather than sleeping in and watching netflix all day. Something that comes so natural to me unfortunately.

Running my own childminding business I have to get up at a certain time and work certain hours as I obviously have children at certain hours. However in the school holidays (rite now) I just can’t seem to do it. I should have got up at 8 and worked on my blog/website/youtube all day and had something to show for my day but no, I’ve been in bed all day feeling crappy and sorry for myself.

Its like without someone making me do it at a certain time I just seem to really struggle. But thanks to Josies blog post I feel like really trying now!

Hopefully I can do another post tomorrow telling you all how much work I’ve got done and how much better I feel for it…

Let me know if you have any similar problems/feelings like this. And check out fashion mumbler for some inspiration 🙂


Idle Girl


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