I finally got to try out the new straightening brush.

As you can see from the video my hair is very curly and wavy at parts and the thought of having a nice quick fix to straighten it was very exiting. Im sure you’ve all seen the videos calming that the brush straightens the hair in a few quick brushes and i thought id try it out and give you all my view of the product.

Ive seen a few bad reviews of this product saying it didn’t work and that it barely even got hot. I have to say i used this product on 180 degrees, far from its hottest temperature and it defiantly got hot. The hair was hot enough to burn your hand when you touch it.

In all honesty the brush does straighten your hair quite well, however it is not quite like the video ads make out it is. I would advise that you section your hair when you use it especially if you have thick curly hair like me. Id say it took me about 15 minutes to do all of my hair and it was straight but not perfectly so and certainly not how it would be had i used straighteners.

For me the main thing would be does it cause a lot less damage then straighteners? If so then i would be happy to use this as an alternative as at the moment i leave my hair curly to try and improve the condition. I don’t think this brush is much quicker at straightening then actual straighteners would be, and it definitely doesn’t get your hair as straight or frizz free.

I really like this brush and was impressed with how it worked but it will be up to your personal preferences to decide whether it would take the place of your straighteners. If your quite particular about having perfectly straight hair then id say probably not.

Thanks for reading  <3

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