This is a collaboration that i did with some other youtubers who are all gorgeous and fab and you should definitely go and check them out 🙂 Ill leave their videos at the end of this post 🙂

As im sure you can imagine, choosing only a few faves was very difficult and i definitely have way more, but for the sake of this collaboration i have, rather impressively i may add, chosen just a few. 🙂

Tarte Tarte Tarte, what can I say? Im a pretty big fan of Tarte products and this Rainforest of the sea foundation is one of my fave foundations from 2017, at least from the high end side of things. It claims to be a water foundation and has spf 15 and uva/uvb protection in it. The shade range is great and goes very light which works great for me being so pale skinned. Its light weight whilst being medium coverage and doesn’t look cakey on the skin which I love.

Okay, so if you followed me over Vlogmas you will have seen me get this Nip + Fab Travel face palette in one of my advent calendars. You will have also seen how incredibly exited i was to receive this due to its sleek look and ridiculously practical shades. I was possibly more exited and pleased than most would have with this product due to the fact i had been searching for something like this for some time and never finding anything like it. Every other palette like this that i had tried would have a rubbish and not glitzy enough highlighter. Or the bronzer would be too orange or the blush too shimmery. But this, no this is different. Every shade is perfect in its own way and i LOVE it!!!

…Moving on…


Anyone who knows me knows im a big fan of Jeffree Star cosmetics i think his products are amazing. My friend Kathryn and I were actually lucky enough to go and see Jeffree and Manny MUA when they did a meet and greet in Manchester with Beauty Bay where i purchased the Jeffree X Manny MUA set which included this beautiful velour liquid lipstick in ‘IM SHOOK’. This has to be one of my all time faves throughout 2017 and im sure will continue to keep me ‘shook’ through the years to come.


The Maybelline Lash sensational mascara has been a cult favorite for a while now and it has definitely been my most used mascara throughout 2017. It is super affordable and yet gives lashes, length and volume like some of the higher end mascaras out there costing double the price. This one has lasted me ages, in fact i should probably get rid now (its that old) but still has some life in it yet.

My favorite brush of all time is this highlight brush from Spectrum. Well i call it a highlight brush because that is what i use it for but it is not actually marketed as a highlight brush, In fact  you could use it for whatever you wanted. I have to say though this brush is amazing for highlight especially if you like a crazy glow like me. I cannot imagine anything ever taking place of this brush and i have used it ALL year long every time i applied my highlight.

Now if you are not aware of the sophdoesnails collaboration with Makeup Revolution then where the heck have you been??? Im just kidding 🙂 but on a serious note the hype surrounding this product was soooo rite… IT IS AMAZING! The packaging is a beautiful colour and looks so classy. This eyeshadow palette is so versatile and really can give you so many different looks. You can get some natural everyday eyeshadow looks from this palette, or if you so desire you can get some super glam and sexy looks too. Its great for traveling as, although it is quite big it is nice and slim and the mirror in it is amazing. This really is a great all round eyeshadow palette.

Oh my gosh the smell of this body cream from the body shop is amazing!! Its probably my favorite body cream scent EVER.

This is the Body shop spa of the world Japanese Camellia cream and it just smells amazing. I got this for Christmas 2 years ago and have been using it so much in 2017. This tub is massive and is lasting me ages but i will definitely be getting more when its run out. Love it.

One of my all time favorite T.V programmes as a young teen was Buffy the vampire slayer and it still is today. Every few years or so i decide its time to wack the Buffy dvd boxset out and watch them all again and 2017 was the latest year for this to happen. Thats rite everyone…I still watch DVDs!! Strange i know in this day and age of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Kodi.

Although technically I only got from season 1 to season 5 before the end of the year, Buffy the vampire slayer comes in as one of my favorite t.v shows (that ive watched) throughout 2017.

My final favorite for 2017 is my subscription to Blogosphere magazine. This is a magazine aimed at bloggers and is full of advice, tips and stories from other really big and successful bloggers and youtubers.  I have to admit that i am behind on my reading (one of my goals for 2018) but i have really gotten into these magazines in 2017 and really love them. Hopefully i will be blogging a lot more and you will be seeing many more posts like this one :).

If youd like to see my youtube video on my favorites of 2017 then here it is 🙂

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